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DebtBombshell was launched in June 2009 to explain Britain's debt crisis the way it is, without the obfuscation we've come to expect from politicians and the media. Although the message is sobering, it's meant to be entertaining, concise and light on economic jargon.

We desperately need to hold politicians to account on this issue. We need a mature, educated and honest debate about the public finances. Hopefully this site can give voters the knowledge they need to start asking difficult questions. If you have any comments, feedback or constructive criticism, please leave a message on the Comments page.

More than anything, this site was a labour of love for the author. I did the research, writing, coding and design, learning a great deal in the process. I believe in civil society and responsible citizenship. This site is my small contribution.

About the author

This site is the work of a single concerned citizen of no political affiliation. I consider myself a libertarian, with a strong belief that human freedom and economic freedom go hand in hand. I don't believe the financialisation and globalisation of our society has anything to do with either.

I'm not a journalist, party staffer, campaign professional or academic. I'm just a guy that works in online marketing - communicating information and ideas is my business and I wanted to put that knowledge to good use.

My academic background is in History and I have a long-standing interest in politics and economics. I'm also an avid reader of political blogs. I truly hope online media can play a major role in the revival of British democracy.

To get in touch please email [email protected].

50sQuiff, June 2009

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