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Averting a debt crisis in Britain

As complex as the national debt problem may be, the solutions call for nothing more than basic common sense. These are just some of the simple steps Britain can take to maintain economic and social stability:

1. The Government needs to stop borrowing and spend less. If debt is the problem, repayment is the solution. That might sound obvious, but our politicians haven't grasped it yet.

2. Get the public finances under control and balance the budget. Start being honest about what services the state can no longer afford to deliver.

3. Stop demonising anyone who speaks out against our addiction to spending and waste. Public spending cannot be sustained at current levels, so cutting it is the only sensible course of action.

4. Take back the moral high ground. The consequences of excess debt are misery and dishonour. What is noble about our addiction to debt and ignorance of its consequences?

5. Talk to your friends and family. Stop politicians bribing the electorate with borrowed and printed money. Embed the debt counter on your site and spread the message.

6. Contact your MP. Ask difficult questions and demand answers.

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