DebtBombshell sources

These are the source materials that were used to create the debt clock and write the articles on DebtBombshell. All data has been sourced directly from official UK Government publications or respected independent bodies, citing those same official sources.

If you find some of the figures quoted on this site shocking or just downright unbelievable, please follow these links and read the data for yourself. If you find any additional sources of information that may be useful for readers, please post a message on the Comments Page.

National debt stats

Latest public finances data [HM Treasury]
2010 Emergency Budget - PSND projections [HM Treasury]
Population projections [ONS]
Household projections [Communities and Local Government]
Employment figures from the Labour Force Survey [ONS]
Median wage data [ONS]

Britain's budget deficit

Budget deficit data from the Public Finances Databank [HM Treasury]
Public borrowing stats from Budget chapter C [HM Treasury]
IMF forecasts and historical comparisons [Policy Exchange]

The bond market

About UK gilts [DMO]
Holders of gilts [DMO]

Measuring the national debt

Definition of Public Sector Net Debt [HM Treasury]
Official estimates for cost of bank bailouts [ONS]
The Government's commitments to the banks [Bloomberg]
On the exclusion of PFI from PSND [The Guardian]

Public spending in Britain

Public spending stats from Budget chapter C [HM Treasury]

The impact of fiscal policy

OECD report on the value of public capital expenditure [OECD]
Analysis of public spending rises [Policy Exchange]

The consequences of national debt

Average gilt maturity [DMO]
Cost of debt interest [HM Treasury]
US Government report on the economic impact of national debt [Concord Coalition]
Crowding out [Modeling Monetary Economies - Google Books, p272]

Forecasting national debt

Official PSND projections [HM Treasury]
IMF GDP growth forecast [Times Online]
Independent GDP growth forecasts [Policy Exchange]

The history of Britain's debt

Formation of the Bank of England [Wikipedia]
History of national debt [HM Treasury]
Historical data from the Public Finances Databank [HM Treasury]

Quantitative Easing

QE explained [Bank of England]
Asset purchases by the BoE [Bank of England]

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