Best Crypto Interest Accounts in Australia

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A global decrease in people’s demand for credit has compelled interest rates to hit record lows, with some countries even exhibiting negative values. This trend has prompted people to find alternative ways of income in the form of cryptocurrency.

However, investing in crypto is far from easy, and this is why we’re going to show you some of the best ways to acquire passive crypto income.

Introducing cryptocurrency lending platforms and interest accounts that use financial services in a decentralised way, enabling users a secondary stream of revenue. Let’s dive in!

Best Crypto Interest Accounts in Australia in 2024

At Debt Bombshell, we have done our research and compiled a short list of the top crypto interest platforms in Australia assessed by various important factors, such as interest rates, reputation, available assets, and ease of use.

Feel free to save and bookmark our article as we’re constantly updating our list to bring you only the finest up-to-date crypto interest accounts in Australia.

  1. 1
    Matrixport - 15% APY on USDC & USDT
  2. 2
    Hodlnaut - Highest Interest Rates
  3. 3
    BlockFi - Buy & Sell Crypto as well as Earn Interest
  4. 4
    Nexo - Best Crypto Interest Wallet
  5. 5 - Earn Crypto Cashback for Every Visa Purchase
  6. 6
    Binance Australia - Widest Crypto Range to Earn Interest

Now, let’s take a look at how you can earn crypto interest and then delve deeper into each platform to evaluate its features, and its pros and cons.

How Can You Earn Interest on Cryptocurrencies?

There are two basic ways you can earn with crypto - by staking and by using lending platforms.

Staking means, you’ll set aside your cryptocurrency and lock it so that over time you will be able to earn interest on that same crypto. This approach is similar to depositing money in a bank account for a limited period and earning interest as a reward.

Lending platforms, on the other hand, use the crypto at your disposal to loan it to other people who are looking to borrow and then pay interest on your own cryptocurrencies. What this means is that you’d be lending your crypto to a lending platform, and the platform will then lend it to borrowers while paying you interest.

Without further ado, here’s our pick of the top 7 lending platforms in 2024.

Top Crypto Interest Accounts in Australia - Reviews

Matrixport – Earn 15% APY interest on USDT and USDC:

Matrixport is a great crypto interest account, particularly for anyone who wants a big kickstart to their savings. For new customers of Matrixport, you can receive 15% APY on your USDC and USDT, plus FREE $15 USD as a welcome offer. All you need to do is sign up with this link.

Matrixport also has several other methods of investing your crypto, including DeFi, Dual Currency, and crypto lending.

If you want to buy/sell or trade crypto, this is also available at Matrixport, with 0% commissions on spot trading, and up to 5x leverage when margin trading. 

These are the interest rates of some popular coins so you can compare against the other crypto interest accounts:

  • Bitcoin - 3%
  • Ethereum - 3%
  • USDT - 15%
  • USDC - 15%
  • Other altcoins - 7%


  • Extremely high interest rate of 15% APY on USDC and USDT
  • Buy, sell and trade crypto as well as earn interest


  • Only available on mobile app, not supported on the desktop site

Hodlnaut – Highest Interest Rates in Australia:

Hodlnaut is a great choice for earning interest as it offers high rates among its competitors. Additionally, you wouldn’t even need to lock their crypto for a specific period, and the platform also offers weekly payouts.

Hodlnaut offers 30 USDC free for newly signed-up users, so long as you keep $1,000 USD worth of crypto deposited for at least 31 days. Hodlnaut's traffic is encrypted with SSL, and the platform works on AWS. If you are concerned about the security of your crypto, you have the option to buy insurance with Nexus Mutual.

Depending on how much you deposit, you can earn various interest rates for different coins. Here are the latest rates for the most popular cryptocurrencies on Hodlnaut:

  • BTC - 4.08% APY on first 0.1 BTC, 3.25% APY on next 0.9 BTC
  • ETH - 4.60% APY on first 5 ETH
  • USDT - 7.25% APY on first 100k USDT deposit, 5.23% APY on next 400k USDT


  • High crypto interest rates in Australia
  • Fantastic sign-up offer: Get 30 USDC FREE when you deposit >USD 1,000 
  • Crypto withdrawal at any time
  • Weekly interest payments


  • Support for only 6 cryptocurrencies

BlockFi – Buy & Sell Crypto as well as Earn Crypto Interest:

BlockFi is one of the easiest and most convenient platforms as it allows you to buy, sell, and earn interest on all cryptocurrencies of your choice.

The main asset of this crypto platform is the centralised hub which offers various financial services and offers plenty of educational articles for users to learn how to navigate around the platform.

Its only downside is that there are no video examples, and its customer help centre is limited to a number of case-related scenarios.

Another thing to note before deciding which platform to use is the interest rate, which is lower on BlockFi compared to other platforms.

Here’s a roundup of interest rates for various cryptocurrencies on BlockFi so you can compare and evaluate yourself:

  • Bitcoin - up to 0.1 BTC = 4.5%
  • Bitcoin - 0.1 to 0.35 BTC = 1%
  • Bitcoin - over 0.35 BTC = 0.1%
  • Ethereum - 0 to 1.5 ETH = 4%
  • Ethereum - 1.5 to 5 ETH = 1.5%
  • Ethereum - over 5 ETH = 0.25%
  • Dogecoin = 2%
  • LTC - 0 to 20 LTC = 3.5%
  • LTC - 20 to 100 LTC = 1%
  • LTC - over 100 LTC = 0.1%
  • MATIC = 11%


  • Buy, sell, and earn crypto interest with ease while on the same platform
  • Beginner-compatible and effortless to use


  • Low interest rates compared to competitors

Nexo – Best Crypto Interest Wallet:

With 22 supported cryptocurrencies, Nexo enables its users to easily buy and sell crypto while also earning interest of up to 12%. The intuitive app also allows swapping between coins and easy management of money, which makes this platform the perfect choice for beginners.

Depending on the number of Nexo tokens you hold, there’s the possibility of earning higher interest rates as part of their loyalty reward program. This way, you can become eligible for an interest rate of up to 5% on crypto coins at the highest level of loyalty and up to 10% on stablecoins. Based on your loyalty level, you can also receive higher APY if you choose for your crypto interest to be paid in NEXO tokens instead of your original coin. For example, instead of receiving interest on your USDT, if you choose your interest to be paid in NEXO token, you can get an additional 2% APY at the highest loyalty level. Another way to increase the interest rate is by locking your coins in for 1 month to receive an extra 1% APY.

To get you started, here are the starting rates for a couple of crypto coins:

  • Bitcoin - 4%
  • Ethereum - 4%
  • USDT - 8%


  • Beginner-friendly and easy to use
  • Fully regulated platform
  • Increase your interest rate by locking coins for 1 month, or increasing your loyalty tier


  • Interest rates are average – Earn Crypto Cashback on Visa Purchases: offers the option to buy over 250 various coins, and you can earn interest on 47 of them. The best thing about this platform is the intuitive app interface, where you can buy, sell, or swap cryptocurrencies with ease.

Additionally, if you stake at least $500 of CRO, you can receive a free Visa debit card, which gives you cashback in CRO (their native token) when you make regular purchases using your pre-loaded AUD. There are also additional benefits you can receive, dependant on how much CRO you stake.

The crypto interest rates you earn are dependant on which coin you choose, and whether you have it flexible, or locked for 1 or 3 months. If you have more than $5000 of CRO staked, you also access higher interest rates on all your coins.

Here is an example of some of the interest rates you can expect to receive:

Flexible token interest rates:

  • Bitcoin - 0.2%
  • Ethereum - 0.2%
  • USDT - 0.4%

1 month:

  • Bitcoin - 1.5%
  • Ethereum - 1.5% 
  • USDT - 3%

3 months:

  • Bitcoin - 3%
  • Ethereum - 3%
  • USDT - 6%


  • 47 cryptocurrencies available to earn interest on
  • Buy and sell over 250+ coins
  • Free Visa debit card and earn crypto cashback if you stake CRO
  • Earn higher interest rates by staking CRO


  • Very low crypto interest on flexible staking

Binance Australia – Widest Crypto Range to Earn Interest:

Binance Australia is one of the few platforms that offer a wide range of coins to earn interest on. You can find over 600+ crypto coins to buy, and there are no deposit or withdrawal fees for AUD. Trading fees are also very low, at just 0.1% of the total transaction.

The downside is the low starting interest rates. However, if you opt to lock your coins for a fixed period, then the interest rates will rise and become more competitive.

One common issue however, is if you want to earn crypto interest on popular coins, there’s the possibility of those being sold out, as there are limited spots available. 

Here’s a breakdown of crypto interest rates on a few cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin - 5% on first 0.01 BTC, 0.8% from 0.01 - 0.5 BTC, 0.1% for >0.5 BTC
  • Ethereum - 2.4% on first 0.2 ETH, 0.1% for >0.2 ETH, 5.2% when fixed
  • USDT - 10% on first 2,000 USDT, 3% for 2,000 - 75,000 USDT, 1% for >75,000 USDT, 5% when fixed for 30 days


  • 600+ cryptocurrencies available to buy and sell
  • Earn crypto interest on over 70+ different coins
  • Access higher crypto interest APY when you lock for 60, 90 or 120 days


  • Staking on popular coins may be sold out


Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is not the only way to earn a secondary income today. By enlisting in crypto interest platforms, you can easily acquire a passive income by earning interest rates on your crypto.

We hope that our list of the top crypto interest accounts in Australia has helped you to find a platform that is suitable for your needs. For those that are looking for the highest interest rates, Hodlnaut is the best option for you, with much higher interest rates than the other platforms. The only downside is that it's limited to only 6 different cryptocurrencies. If you want to earn interest on a wider range of coins, you can go with that has crypto interest option on more than 40 coins.

Either way, you can’t go wrong by choosing any one of these crypto lending platforms, depending on your preferences and needs. We have done our research and chosen these as the top crypto interest accounts in Australia.

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