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It seems like you can't go anywhere these days without hearing about cryptocurrency, and maybe you've decided it's time to get on board. With so many crypto apps and trading platforms around, how do you know where you should buy your crypto, and if it's safe? The most important thing is to choose a legitimate, trustworthy crypto app that is secure. There are a lot of scam crypto apps out there, but here at Debt Bombshell, we have tested them out, and we only recommend legit apps that we have personally used. From our extensive research, we have compiled our list of the best crypto apps for you, based on individual needs.

The Best Crypto Apps in Australia - Tested and Reviewed in 2022

After trying out plenty of cryptocurrency apps, here is our list of the best ones in Australia, updated in 2022. We continually test all the apps, and if there is a new one that we have found is better than the existing ones, we change our list to reflect that. Any new features that change the rankings will also be taken into account. At Debt Bombshell we want to give our readers the most informative and reliable information, so it is always based on our own research and testing. 

  1. 1
     Digital Surge - Best Crypto App in Australia
  2. 2
     Swyftx - Best Crypto App with Demo Mode
  3. 3
     CoinSpot - Best Crypto App for Security
  4. 4
     eToro Australia - Best Crypto App for Copy Trading
  5. 5
     Binance Australia - Best App for Serious Crypto Trading
  6. 6
     Independent Reserve - Best App for Crypto Insurance

Best Crypto Apps in Australia


- Over 300+ different cryptocurrencies

- Lowest fees and spreads in Australia

- Easy to use, perfect for beginners

Best Overall


- Over 320+ different cryptocurrencies

- Staking available on 14 coins

- Demo mode: practise trading risk-free 

Best Demo Mode


- Over 360+ different cryptocurrencies

- Live Chat customer support

- Most secure and audited in Australia

Best For Security


- Trade 50 different cryptocurrencies

- Other assets such as stocks, ETFs and CFDs

- Copy the most successful traders 

Best For Copy Trading


- Over 600+ different cryptocurrencies

- Low fees of just 0.1% which can be reduced

- Extra features: P2P, margin trading and staking

Best For Serious Trading


- Optional cryptocurrency insurance cover

- Low trading fees of 0.5%

- Dollar-cost averaging tax reports by KPMG

Best Crypto Insurance

Best Crypto Apps in Australia - Reviews

Digital Surge App – Best Overall:

Digital Surge's app is the best choice for Aussies, in particular because it has low trading fees and spreads. According to this test from trusted review site Marketplace Fairness, Digital Surge app has the lowest fees and spreads in Australia. The trading fees are only 0.5%, and the spread averages just 0.21%, which is extremely low.

The Digital Surge app is perfect for newcomers to crypto, with a simple user interface, Live Chat and email support 24/7, and over 300+ different coins to buy and sell. Another cool feature they have is the ability to pay your BPAY bills with your Bitcoin! Not only is it convenient, but it marks a big step of cryptocurrency adoption into the Australian mainstream.

  • Buy and sell more than 300+ different coins using AUD
  • Lowest combined fees and spreads of all Australian crypto apps
  • Very user-friendly and intuitive app, perfect for beginners 
  • Live Chat and email customer support 24/7

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Swyftx App – Best for Demo Mode:

Swyftx is a modern and user-friendly crypto app that is an excellent choice in Australia. It is great for beginners, with the simple menu and navigation, and offers Live Chat support in case you run into any issues. There are more than 320+ different cryptocurrencies you can buy or sell, which is plenty for novices and experts alike. The fees are low, at just 0.6%, and the spreads are tight, making it an attractive app for hundreds of thousands of Aussie crypto investors.

Signing up with Swyftx is so simple, and only takes a few steps, even with verifying your account. You can get started within a few minutes, and then start browsing for your first crypto purchase. Swyftx also has a really useful feature with their demo mode. You can easily toggle it on and off from the menu, and it allows you to practise trading with $10,000 of play money. You can try out some trading strategies, or just get the hang of how to purchase and sell crypto before investing your real money.

Depositing and withdrawing AUD from Swyftx app is free of charge, no matter which method you use, which is another drawcard. The less you pay in fees, the more crypto you can get your hands on. Another great feature found on Swyftx app is staking. You can choose to stake any of 21 coins found on Swyftx app, which means you can earn interest on those coins, while you hold them. This is a feature only added in late 2021, and it is the first of the big Australian crypto apps to have this functionality.

  • Brisbane-based crypto app, registered with AUSTRAC
  • Australian-based Live Chat customer support to help you with any problems
  • Over 320+ cryptocurrencies to buy and sell
  • Low trading fees of 0.6% and no hidden costs
  • Many deposit options available: credit/debit cards, bank transfers, PayID and more
  • Staking on 21 different cryptocurrencies

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CoinSpot App – Best for Security:

CoinSpot is one of the earliest players in the Australian cryptocurrency market, founded back in 2013. They have become the largest crypto exchange in the country, with over 2 million users. They are the only Australian crypto app with the ISO 27001 certification, making them the most secure and audited in the country.

CoinSpot has over 360+ different coins available on their app, and they are always adding new ones. They are great for newcomers to crypto as they have an easy-to-use app, with Live Chat support if you find yourself in trouble. Their instant buy and sell fees are slightly higher than competitors, with 1% transaction fee, but in return you get the peace of mind of the most secure and trusted crypto app. If you decide to trade cryptocurrency on the market, you will receive much lower fees of just 0.1%, but you can only access 15 popular coins in this manner.

  • The most secure and trusted crypto app in Australia
  • Live Chat customer support 
  • Buy and sell over 360+ cryptocurrencies with AUD
  • Various deposit methods including bank transfer, cash deposit, PayID, and more

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eToro App – Best for Copy Trading:

eToro app is not specifically just for cryptocurrency, they also offer a wide range of other financial assets to trade, such as stocks, ETFs and commodities. However, they still offer 50 cryptocurrencies, and they have a unique feature called Copy Trading that lets you find successful traders, and automatically copy their trades.

eToro is also marketed as a social trading app, so you can post comments, ask questions and interact with the trading community. In this way, you can quickly learn about cryptocurrency as well as other markets, and improve your trading skills. There is also a demo account on the app, where you can try out your trading strategies with $100,000 of play money. 

eToro charges 1% fee on each crypto trade, which is a little higher than most of the competitors, but the range of other assets make it an interesting choice for those that want to invest in various instruments from the one platform.

  • Trade 50 different cryptocurrencies, as well as US stocks, ETFs and commodities
  • Use CFDs to bet on the price of crypto to fall
  • Copy Trading lets you automatically copy the trades of the most successful investors
  • Demo account available: practise trading with $100,000 of virtual money

Binance App – Best for Serious Crypto Trading:

Binance is the biggest crypto exchange in the world, based on trading volume, and they draw in so many users to their app due to two main reasons: low trading fees of just 0.1% and a wealth of features, that are not found on basic crypto apps. Binance's app can be a little confusing for beginners, so I don't recommend it for newcomers to crypto, but for those with an intermediate or advanced level of trading experience, Binance is the perfect choice.

You will find over 600+ coins available on the Binance app, that you can trade easily, since Binance has such deep liquidity. Besides basic spot trading, you will also be able to find many other markets such as futures trading, margin trading, and P2P. If you are after other features apart from trading, you will also enjoy the NFT marketplace, crypto lending and borrowing, and staking on over 70+ coins, so you can earn interest on your holdings.

It is free to deposit and withdraw AUD from the Binance app, and the trading fees are just 0.1%. If you are a trader that likes to use trading bots, Binance has great compatibility with many third-party bots, so you can easily set up your automatic strategy.

  • Low trading fees of only 0.1%
  • Pay trading fees with Binance Coin (BNB) to receive 25% discount
  • Over 600+ cryptocurrencies available to trade
  • Other markets to trade, such as Futures, Margin Trading and P2P
  • Staking on over 70+ coins available
  • NFT marketplace, cryptocurrency lending and borrowing

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Independent Reserve App – Best for Crypto Insurance:

Independent Reserve is an Australian crypto app that focuses on institutional traders and high net worth individuals. They offer low trading fees of 0.5% with reductions if you are trading a large volume per month, equalling over $100,000. 

Independent Reserve caters to large institutional traders, with their OTC desk, facilitating transactions of over $100,000 off the market, to ensure minimal slippage. They also offer optional cryptocurrency insurance that can cover up to $5 million. Tax-reporting features powered by KPMG mean that accounting is made easy.

The main downside with Independent Reserve's app is that they only support 27 different cryptocurrencies. Most of the other apps in our list of recommended apps support over 200, so it lacks in this area. However, if you are a high-volume crypto trader, this is definitely an app to consider.

  • Access cryptocurrency insurance cover when you sign up for a premium account
  • Trade 27 cryptocurrencies for just 0.5% fee, which can be reduced by trading volume
  • Automatic dollar-cost averaging tax reports powered by KPMG

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